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As at 1 August, 2018, Pastor Paul and colleague Kevin have been summoned to appear in the Nairobi High Court on 2 August, 2018 for exposing Dr Owuor's false gospel. Stay up to date here:   https://www.faithfulword.net/update-pastor-paul-legal-situation-dr-owuor

​Please pray for Pastor Paul, Kevin and their families as they go through this persecution. It has always been God’s way to further the gospel through persecution and so may the true gospel spread far and wide through these events. 

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Pastor Paul is currently being investigated for exposing Dr Owuor’s heretical doctrine.  He writes:

“The false prophet is on his way down. GOD in his wisdom has exposed him and his false doctrine everywhere.

Currently, he is using the power of the government to silence, jail and threaten any one refuting his false doctrine. Personally, I received a call from the C.I.D demanding that i should appear at the headquarters to write a statement concerning the videos i made exposing his false doctrine.

It’s time for the world to know that the god's of baal are failing. Press on in exposing him.

This is a short version about the legal threats and other material exposing Dr Owuor

Pastor Paul Weringa full message

Pastor Paul Weringa telephone recording