​Statement Of Faith

1) We Believe In The Holy Bible, Which Is The Only Infallible And Authoritative Word Of God.[2tim:3-16-17;2peter1:19-21;1john5:9;Matt.24:35]. *

2) We Believe In The Fallenness Of Sinful Man And The Subsequent Necessity Of Spiritual Rebirth By The Operation Of The Holy Spirit.[Rom.3:23;Rom.6:23;Titus 3:5-6;John 3:16,].

3) We Believe In The Pre-Existence And Sinless Conception Of The Lord Jesus Christ, Who Through His Vicarious Death, Burial, Resurrection And Ascension Into Heaven, Has Accomplished The Perfect Atoning Work Of Redemption For All Mankind. He Is Equal With The Father And The Holy Spirit, In All Attributes Of The Godhead, Eternally.[Col1:15-17;John1:1-3;Matt.1:18-25;John 8:46;Heb.4:15,7:26;John 19:17-18:30;John 20:1-17;Acts1:9;2cor.5:21;Rom.5:11;John 3:16;Heb.1:8;Isaiah9;6]

4) We Believe In Jesus' Coming Again, To Judge The Living And The Dead, In His Perfect Wisdom, Knowledge And Justice; Receiving Them Into Their Heavenly Reward, Or Banishing Them From His Presence, To Eternal Damnation.[John 14:2-3;Psalm 50:3-6; Isaiah 9:6-7;Matt.25:31-46].

5) We Believe That The New Christian Must Be Baptized By Full Immersion In Water, In Accordance With The Word Of God.[Acts 2:38-39;Luke 3:3,4:1;Mark 16:16;John 3:22-23,4:1-2;Acts 8:12].

6) We Believe That The Christian Should Attend Their Local Church And Accept The Authority Of Its Leadership, In Accordance With Gods Divine Government.[Acts 2:42-47;2cor.10:8,14;Heb.13:7-17;Titus 2:15].

7) We Believe That The Christian Must Acknowledge The Universal Church, Comprising All Born-Again Believers In The Lord Jesus Christ.[John3:3;17:20-23].

8) We Believe That The Christian Ought To Be Continually Filled With The Holy Spirit; Thus Exhibiting The  Fruits Of Love, Joy Peace, Etc., As Evidence Of A Holy Life.[Eph.5:18;Gal.5:22-25].

9) We Believe In The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit For All Believers.[Acts1:1-8;2:2-38;8:15-19;10:44-49;19:1-7].

10) We Believe In The Necessity Of The Operation Of The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, In These Last Days, For The Edification Of The Church. This Incorporates The Five-Fold Ministry.[Eph.4:7.11-16;1cor.12, 13 & 14;Rom.12:6-16].

11) We Believe That The Local Church Should Be Fully Operational In The Ordinances Of The Lords Supper, Baptisms, Etc., As Instituted And Commanded By Our Lord Jesus Christ.[1cor.11:23-26;Matt.28:18-20:Matt.26:26-29].

12) We Believe That The Christian Must Be A Doer As Well As A Hearer Of The Word, Continuing Diligently, As A Faithful Witness To The Saving Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.[James1:25;Luke12:42-48].

13) We Believe That The Local Church Should Constantly Assess All That It Is Doing, In The Light Of Christs Priority To (A) Be His Witnesses (B) Make Disciples.[Acts 17:20-21,24-28;Matt.28:18-20;John 15:26-27 Mark 16:15-18].

14) We Believe That Maturity In The Christian Life Must Be Viewed As Progressive, In The Light Of Teaching In The Word Of God.[Psalm 119:105;John 16:13;2cor.3:18;Psalm 119:130].

* We believe that the original text is the inspired word of God and that the King James bible is the best and most accurate english translation.